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The fact I made so many stupid mistakes in my career, means that I can now explain exactly what not to do.’ It’s more or less the slogan of Marc de Reuver. After his career as a motocross rider, he’s become a successful coach, one he could have benefited from during his own riding days.

When you google the words ‘unfulfilled talent’, Marc de Reuver should immediately pop up. In a quest to find out why he never reached the heights in his career many people expected he would, Marc explains everything about his injuries, betrayal within the paddock, the rumours regarding his nightlife, alleged drug use and his worst mental breakdowns. He talks about it the way he always rode and still lives: completely open!

OPEN is a reconstruction of what happens when you’re born with so much talent, you hardly have to work for your success and then, suddenly, end up in a downward spiral. What happens when you earn a lot of money at a young age but have no idea how to handle it. How on one day you can be the King, to be ignored on the next. How your biggest strengths turn out to be your weaknesses.

Tim Gerth (1991) works as a freelance sports journalist for various titles, including Motorsport.com, Brabants Dagblad and Red Bull Media. In recent years he followed the motocross world closely. OPEN is his debut as a writer.